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OnePlus 6 Turning OFF Background Apps- Guide

You probably won’t ask yourself how to turn off the background apps on OnePlus 6 until you actually realize how many apps and services are taking up your phone’s memory, data, and battery. If you want to have more control and not just let any app constantly search for updates or notifications, you’ll have to take care of it.

Unfortunately, there’s no single command to shut off everything, yet the main categories that you’ll have to look into are not that many and certainly not that complicated.


Applications running in background on OnePlus 6 without your approval?

Use the “Recent apps” button, the one available right on the Home Screen, and switch to the Active Apps tab. In there, you can either select the option to End All or manually end only specific apps by selecting the End button next to their names. If required, hit the OK button for confirmation that OnePlus 6 background apps don’t run.


Services synchronizing and updating automatically on OnePlus 6?

If you want to stop that, go to Settings and extend the Data usage tab. Through the 3-dot icon at the upper-right corner, you’ll get to a context menu where you have, among other options, the Auto Sync Data. This option must be disabled, so, uncheck its box and select OK to make it official by turning off automatic updates on OnePlus 6.


Need to hold on pause the Gmail or any other Google service?

Return to Settings but this time, go to Accounts and tap on the Google submenu. Pick the account whose background data you wish to disable and uncheck the Google services listed underneath that account.


No longer want your Twitter app to work in the background?

Back to Settings, at the same Account menu, you’ll be able to select Twitter. Uncheck the “Sync Twitter” box and you’re done.


No longer want your Facebook app to work in the background?

This time, you’ll have to open up the Facebook app itself and to navigate to its Settings. You’ll find an option in there with a title like “Refresh Interval”. For that section, make sure that the active selection is “Never”.

All these being said, we showed you the ropes of controlling pretty much any app or service that used to work freely in the background of your OnePlus 6. We have to warn you, though, that if you go down this road, you should strive to manually update the apps and services that you’ve blocked.

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