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OnePlus 6: Turning On Developer Options

OnePlus 6 comes with some nice features that by default Android choose to hide from the standard phone user. Therefore, by enabling the developer options on OnePlus 6 you can be able to access these features that are hidden. These features enable you to alter the phones settings; you can use the USB Debugging feature.

The procedure for enabling these hidden features only takes about five to six taps on the phone screen. Here is a guide showing you what you need to do to complete the OnePlus 6 Developer Options.


Process For Activating Developer Options On OnePlus 6

Open the settings menu from the phone applications view. Alternatively, slide downwards from the top of the phone screen using two fingers. Then you need to tap on the icon that is gear shaped. On the settings tap on the “About Device” and then you select “Build Number”. A prompt message will pop up on the phone screen. Click on the screen four additional times and you will be done. Now, go back to the settings menu.

From the normal settings, you will see OnePlus 6 developer options which appear before device information tab. Click on the developer options and you will be able to see the options that were previously hidden.

These settings are supposed to be used by the phone developers who are an advanced user. Therefore you will then be able to see the options that are reserved for the advanced users. These include animation scale, which when set to 0.5x makes the phone feel faster.


Is it Important to Enable Developer Options?

There is absolutely no damage that comes when you have enabled the developer options on OnePlus 6. Basically, this action just allows you to see the options that standard user doesn’t have the privilege of seeing. If you want to alter some settings, then you can do so now that the developer option is activated.


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