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OnePlus 6: Unrecognized SIM Card

While setting up your device for the first time use, you might face an issue and an error displayed reads Sim card Un-recognized. Probably, your phone doesn’t recognize the Sim and this leads to the error being displayed. There are various solutions you need to apply to resolve the issue. Here we will feature how to effectively solve the issue.


Handling Sim Card Not Recognized Issue on OnePlus 6

Here we share some of the possible solutions to try when the SIM card is not recognized.


Clean the SIM Card

Wash up the Sim card in case it is not recognized by the OnePlus 6 Smartphone. Dirt will actually prevent the contact between your phone and the SIM card. Use a dry cotton cloth to remove the dirt and check if the SIM card might be damaged.


Check the SIM Card Track on OnePlus 6

The issue might also be caused by little metal plugs that come into contact with your phone. If these are a little bit relaxed, then the issue might occur causing the error. To solve the issue you should try to add some tape on the back of the Sim to thicken it.


Use SIM Card on Different Phone to Test it

You can ascertain whether the issue emanates from the phone or the Sim Card by trying to insert the Sim on another phone. In case the SIM card is still not recognized on another phone, consider replacing the SIM Card.


Use another SIM Card on Your Phone

If you don’t realize the cause of this problem yet, you might want to use another SIM on your phone. This will help to show if the issue is because of your SIM card or the OnePlus 6 smartphone.


Ensure OnePlus 6 is Not Locked

If the other SIM Card you tried on the phone doesn’t work, then the phone could be having an active SIMLocker. This illustrates that the phone can only recognize a Sim Card from a particular cellular operator. Therefore, you will need to unlock the SIM card. There is a lot of information on how to do this available online.


Checkout to Ensure Issue is not Because of ROM Installed on OnePlus 6

This is an issue that mostly affects users who choose to root the smartphone trying to install a ROM that was not activated initially. Note that the issue arises mostly when you try to activate a Slot that was not active initially. Install an initial ROM and Test it.


If Nothing Functions

If none of the above solutions seems to solve the issue, take the SIM Card together with the Phone back to the dealers shop.

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