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OnePlus 6: Using Alarm Clock To Create And Delete Alarms

You don’t need us to tell you that your OnePlus 6 will soon enough make you forget that watches have ever been invented on this planet. But the moment you launch the Clock app on OnePlus 6, you’ll probably need a little bit of assistance. Not because it’s all so complicated, but because you’ll bump into a lot more options than you were anticipating. Do not worry, you’ll master it all in an instant, from the alarm clock to the snooze, the stopwatch, and everything else that you might need at home or when staying at a hotel.


To set up a new alarm on OnePlus 6 Alarm Clock…

You must first create the alarm on OnePlus 6 from the dedicated app. Go to the Home Screen and extend the Apps folder, then select your Clock app. From the main window of that app, use the Create option and you’ll get to see that full list of details that normally have to be configured when setting up a new alarm on OnePlus 6.

Naturally, you’ll have to start with the Time, the exact our when you want the alarm to trigger. Aside from using the Up/Down arrows to select a time, you also have a special toggle for the AM/PM display mode. But even though you thought it’s just about selecting an hour when the phone will start ringing until it wakes you up, there are still plenty of other details to establish, such as:

  • If you want the alarm to repeat in particular days of the week (in which case you’ll have to check the letters associated with the days of the week or just tick that box for Repeat Weekly);
  • If you want the alarm type to be on full sound, just vibrations, or both sound and vibrations;
  • If you want to hear a particular alarm tone when it goes on;
  • If you want to hear it louder (in which case you have an alarm volume slider to adjust);
  • If you want to be able to Snooze your alarm (for this one you don’t just have the On/Off snooze toggle, but also an Interval from 3 to 30 minutes and a repeat option from 1 to 10);
  • If you want to see a certain name on the screen of the phone, as in the name of that alarm.


When all this is configured and the alarm is active, you can expect to hear it ringing just like you decided. And if you have really enabled the Snooze option for that particular alarm, simply swipe the ZZ yellow sign to postpone it – don’t forget that you can only postpone it for as many times as the Repeat option and for as many minutes as specified in the Interval option above mentioned!

Assuming you want to check up on your previously created alarms, access the alarm menu and look at the list of alarms. When you select and long press one of them, you’ll have the option to either Delete it or to use the Clock feature for turning it off and keeping it for later use. These are the essentials of how to set, edit and/or delete the Alarm Clock from OnePlus 6.

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