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OnePlus 6 Weather App

People who are using OnePlus smartphone should know about the OnePlus 6 weather app. This weather app is running through Accuweather and it shows the current temperature. A small guide is given below on about finding and using the weather app on OnePlus 6.

It might be possible that the weather app could be deleted from the phone so you will be required to relocated. If you are willing to find the weather app on OnePlus 6 then you must tap on the clock so that a full screen mode would be open and it would contain clock as well as weather application. Now it would be easy for you to get OnePlus 6 weather app widget back.


OnePlus 6 Weather App

Now go on the home screen and hold the main key. This will minimize your screen and you would be seeing multiple menu buttons. Now tap on the widget button and look for the weather widget.

As soon as you are able to locate the weather widget, select and hold the widget and slide it to your home screen. When you will release the screen, an accuweather icon would be available on your OnePlus 6 screen. This means that the weather app is now back. Now you can easily open the weather widget and get the latest weather info on OnePlus 6.


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