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OnePlus 6: Wi-Fi Authentication Problem

You might experience the Wi-Fi authentication problem sometimes while trying to establish a connection to the Wi-Fi link. There are several reasons that result to this error being displayed. Therefore, on this article we will explain what could be causing the issue and how you can resolve the issue. To achieve this, we will first check what you should do on your phone and then we will see what you should do on the Wi-Fi box as well.


Solving OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi Authentication Problem

Deleting the Wi-Fi network on OnePlus 6

There is a high possibility that the Wi-Fi settings have been altered since your last connection. Therefore this might cause the Wi-Fi Authentication issue. If this could be causing you trouble, you just need to try out a basic solution. This is forgetting the network.

This can be achieved by navigating to the Wi-Fi network setting on the smartphone. Long press on the Wi-Fi that is causing you this error until a popup will be seen on the screen. Once of the options is forget. Touch on this option for you to delete the network completely. Once this has been completed successfully, you just need to reconnect to the network and key in the correct credentials. If the issue is still being displayed, navigate to the other option.


Pressing the Button on the Wi-Fi Box

Irrespective of the Wi-Fi box you are using, you might happen to see this issue of authentication. The commonly used boxes include Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR, and Numericable. If the box is not in the right synch mode, then you might see this issue often. To activate the synch mode you just need to follow a very simple procedure. A light starts blinking once the synch is established completely. If this doest solve the issue, then navigate to option three.


Security Passcode Retyping

The method you use when typing the Wi-Fi password might be causing the issue to appear. Therefore checkout the following suggestions to eliminate the issue.

  1. Enter the Passcode without entering any spaces or hyphens
  2. Enter the Security Passcode with the Upper case letters
  3. Try the lowercase letters while trying to enter the Passcode


Start the Wi-Fi Box Again

Just like a computer, a simple restart of the Wi-Fi box might be all you need. Actually, statistics show that about 80% of the computer issues are solved by restarting the computer. Therefore, consider restarting the Wi-Fi box and also the phone before reconnecting to the Wi-Fi.


The Settings on the Wi-Fi Box

If none of the above suggestions seem to solve the connection issue, then the box might be the cause of the problem. Therefore checking the settings might be all you need to solve the issue. The setting you need to check is whether the security key is set to WPA or WPA2. If this is not the case, ensure the security is set to the above. Once you are done, reconnect the device to Wi-Fi. If the issue still persists, you need to contact the dealer for a possible solution.

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