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OnePlus 6 WiFi Printing Guide

If you have just bought an OnePlus 6 smartphone, chances are that you have already discovered the amazing features it comes with. In case you will like to know how to use your phone to print document such as images, emails, PDF files using a wireless printer, the explanation is just a few lines away.

The one plus 3 software has already made provisions to enable the phone to print via a wireless printer. What you have to do is install the right plugin on the smartphone.

As soon as you download the plugin, your phone is ready to start printing. The guide below is on how to set up OnePlus 6 for wireless printing.


OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi Printing Guide

In this guide, we will set up OnePlus 6 phone to print using an Epson printer. But the guide also works well for other printers such as a Lexmark, HP, Brother, etc.

  1. Switch on your OnePlus 6 phone
  2. Select “Apps”
  3. Click on settings
  4. Search for “Connect and Share” section
  5. Tap on the “Printing button”
  6. Many printers are pre-installed on the phone, in case you don’t find your printer, tap the plus sign at the screen bottom.
  7. This will take you to the Google Play Store where you can choose your printer’s brand
  8. Revert to the “printing “ in the phone settings
  9. Choose “Epson Printer Enabler” to connect the smartphone to a wireless printer
  10. Once the phone found the printer, you can now click your wireless printer


You can choose the printer and adjust your wireless printer settings network after connecting your phone to a wireless printer; select the various settings you want to use for the printer:

  • Print quality
  • Layout
  • 2-Sided printing


How to print your phone emails using a wireless printer

Move up the email you intend to send the phone screen. Tap the 3 point icon that is on the screen’s right corner. After this, select “Print”. If the setup is right, all you need to do to print the email is tap a button . Now, you not only know how to download and install a printer driver, but how to make use of it.



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