OxygenOS 4.7.2 Now Available For OnePlus 5T- Brings Many Improvements

The brand new OnePlus 5T that was just released has a new update that features several improvements and bug fixes. Even those OxygenOS 4.7.2 doesn’t provide any new features it bring great updates that include better optimization for facial unlocking and a better fingerprint reader.

You can get this new update via OTA or over-the-air to get this update the fastest way possible. The size of this new update is roughly 1.6GB or to be more exact, 1613MB. It’s important to note that it may take a week or so for this update to become available everywhere around the world. You can manually look for this update by going to Settings and selecting on System updates on your OnePlus 5T.

Android recently released an update for the Nokia 8 with Android 8.0 Oreo. Some of those improvements include better battery life, faster boot times and notification dots. Hopefully future updates for the OnePlus will also include some support in a longer battery life compared to what the device has right now.



Some areas that have improved is the accuracy with gestures on the screen and image stabilization when taking photos or filming in 4K. This is wonderful for those that take lots of selfies or pictures with low-light settings. Furthermore, a quicker response for the fingerprint scanner and face unlocking allows for a snappy unlocking even better than before. Some software patches include the vulnerability in the Wi-Fi WPA2 KRACK.

The cofounder of OnePlus, Carl Pei has said that “We expect to start testing it among a private group next week, and roll it out to everyone in early December.” This is great news as it won’t be long before users everywhere can start using the new improvements that come with OxygenOS 4.7.2.


Android 8.1 Oreo In The Near Future 

Just recently OnePlus announced that Android 8.1 Oreo will be coming to OnePlus users, first with the OnePlus 5T followed by the OnePlus 5, 3T and 3. The one drawback of the version of Android 8.1 for OnePlus is that it won’t support Project Treble.

Project Treble is a new feature that helps solve the problem with users having to wait to get the latest software update over a period of time. This isn’t a big deal because this new feature doesn’t actually guarantee that you’ll have a quicker updating period compare to before. In addition, Google has said that it’s working on making upcoming Android updates available to more models at an earlier date.

Some of the great features of the OnePlus 5T will make users okay with not having Project Treble. Some of these include the actual design of the phone, how it’s made of medal and the rear facing fingerprint reader. Other things include the performance power of the amount of RAM you can have on the device with either 6GB or 8GB. Plus don’t forget about the wonder 6.01 inch AMOLED screen with a wonderful resolution of 2160 x 1080.


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