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Read And Edit PDF, Doc Or Excel Files On OnePlus 6

Opening and playing files on OnePlus 6 makes use of the phone convenient. For instant, if you receive a file attached on email it possible to read the content this is for the PDF files, the Doc File, and also an Excel file. Therefore you can read and modify the OnePlus 6 file.

The procedure for opening each file is unique to the file type. Here, we will cover the methods you can use to read PDF file through your mobile device. Then we will check out the procedure for opening word and Excel docs on your OnePlus 6.


Opening, Reading and Editing PDF Files on OnePlus 6

The most common file formats for sharing documents is PDF. You should therefore know how you can open, read, and edit PDF files on your phone. There is a default application known as Google drive that lets you open the PDF files.

If you are looking for an application that makes the experience more effective, we will suggest that you use Adobe Reader. If you possibly wish to edit the PDF files received on OnePlus 6, you can make use of the Adobe Fill and Sign Application.


Opening, Reading and Editing Word Docs on OnePlus 6

The doc files are mostly shared through word. Therefore you might use Adobe reader explained above and if you want to edit the document install the Microsoft application on your mobile device.


Opening Reading and Editing Excel Format Files on OnePlus 6 Smartphone

These refer to the spreadsheet and are some of the files commonly received on phone. You therefore wish to know how you can open and read or edit these files on your phone. Download the Microsoft Excel on the OnePlus 6 so as to be able to read and modify attributes on the excel sheet using the mobile phone.


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