Set Up Direct Wi-Fi On OnePlus 6

When you want to exchange files from one OnePlus 6 phone to another, the Direct Wi-Fi is an extremely good choice. Actually, Direct Wi-Fi has been truly the quickest method for exchanging files even when you don’t want to use a file transfer cable.

In this article, we will feature how you can make use of this great feature. We will dive into the details of Wi-Fi direct and see the various advantages that it offers the users. You will get to know the basic steps for activating the Wi-Fi direct feature and how to exchange the files using the mobile device or your personal computer.


How do You Use Wi-Fi direct On Your OnePlus 6 Smartphone?

The Direct Wi-Fi technology came into existence a while ago. Overtime, it has become one of the most useful technologies. Ideally, it works in a very simple way. This consists of establishing a connection between devices even without using the cables to connect. As the name indicates, the Direct Wi-Fi uses a Wi-Fi link to connect to other devices. However, the unique factor about the technology is that you don’t need to use any a box or even a rover when connecting the devices. The connection is completed live enabling you to link between devices which include OnePlus 6, the PC a printer or your Television.


The Procedure for Activating the Direct Wi-Fi on your OnePlus 6

There are very basic steps involved in activating your OnePlus 6 Wi-Fi direct feature. Here are the steps to complete:

  1. Open the Settings menu on your phone
  2. Navigate to the Wi-Fi feature
  3. Checkout for Wi-Fi Direct icon which is usually found at the bottom of the screen
  4. Press the Wi-Fi Direct icon for your phone to begin searching for the other device
  5. Follow these steps on the other device


In case you prefer better procedure, you can check our article that illustrates how you can connect OnePlus6 to your Personal computer.


Procedure for Transferring Files through OnePlus 6 Direct Wi-Fi

When you want to transfer files on your OnePlus 6 device, use the procedure above. Ensure the two devices can connect to an active Wi-Fi Direct link. Then now use the files application to transfer the files which can include the media files in your phone.


Using an App That Manages Wi-Fi Direct Connection

The SuperBeam application enables you to make use of the OnePlus 6 direct Wi-Fi on other devices. Through this application, you can easily transfer your files safely. Here are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Install the SuperBeam application on the devices you need to transfer files between.
  2. Select the document that you need to transfer
  3. Checkout for a QR code that is displayed buy the Application
  4. Ensure you enter the code displayed on the second device for the transfer to be initiated.


The SuperBeam application makes it easy to transfer files between two devices.


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