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Setting OnePlus 6 Custom Ringtones Guide

As an owner of the OnePlus Smartphone, you might wish to customize ringtones on OnePlus 6 so as to have a unique notification whenever someone calls you. Also, you might want to have a particular tone ringing whenever there is an important alarm or reminder. Here are some of the steps you should follow to complete the ringtone customization on OnePlus 6.


Customizing OnePlus 6 Tones

Using the new technology on OnePlus, you will find it very easy whenever you want to add a custom tone on OnePlus 6. You can customize a tone for specific caller and also for the text messages. The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Switch on the Phone
  2. Open the dialer
  3. Tap on the specific contact that you want a custom tone for.
  4. Tap on the icon that is shaped like a pen so that you can now edit the ringtone
  5. Tap on the Ringtone button
  6. All ringtone sounds will be seen on the window that pops up.
  7. Look for the song that you want to use as a custom tone
  8. If the tone you want is not listed among the ones that popup, you can browse for the ones you have on the storage location.


Therefore, with these steps you have the ability to change the tone that you will hear whenever you are called by the contacts that you have set a custom tone on OnePlus 6. Other calls will use the default tone apart from the particular caller you have set a tone for.

Ideally, the reason why users of the OnePlus 6 want to have a custom tone is so that they can personalize the phone. Therefore, you will be able to know the person that is calling even without looking at your phone.

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