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Silent Mode/Priority Mode On OnePlus 6 – Guide

The silent mode on OnePlus 6 is one of the features that you might want to make use of. However, in OnePlus 6, the silent mode was changed to “Priority Mode”. If you use the Android software, you know that the Silent mode also has other features that were recently added. Therefore, this is the reason why the name changed to “Priority Mode”. Here we share a guide that lets you use the OnePlus 6 Priority mode to make the phone silent.


How to set up the Priority Mode on OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 Silent Mode can be turned on by simply using the volume buttons. When you press the volume buttons you should be able to see a popup on the screen asking you if you want to activate the priority mode. Once the priority mode is activated, then you will see a star icon that appears on the screen. Only the applications that have been granted access will be able to send notifications. You will still be able to receive calls and text messages though the phone will not produce any sound.


How to Control the Applications

Android OS allows the users to control the applications that have been installed. To complete this action, open the sounds and the notification screen, then tap on the Applications notifications. Tap on any of the apps toggle to set it to the priority mode. The reason why you should learn how to use the priority mode is because you will not be disturbed by the notifications you don’t want to cause disturbance.


How to change the Options on Priority Mode On OnePlus 6

Priority mode can be customized differently. To do this, you need to use the Cog symbol that comes up whenever the priority mode is active. Therefore you can make adjustments on events and the alarms, the calls and also the texts messages. To do this you make use of the toggle switch.

In addition, you can also be able to set the people that should call you, and those contacts that send you text messages while the OnePlus 6 is on Priority Mode. You can also be able to determine the time when the priority mode will be activated automatically. This includes the days, the time of the day, and also the start and end time. Therefore, you will be saved from having to set on and off the priority mode manually.

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