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SIM Size Info For One Plus 5

OnePlus will be releasing a new smartphone in a few weeks. One question that many people want to know is the SIM size info for OnePlus 5. This is in regards with the type of SIM card the phone will take.

The reason why future users wan to know the type of SIM card the One Plus 5 will take, is because it’ll allow them to know if their current SIM card will work and if the future cellular data connection will work correctly. Currently there’s around three different types of SIM cards and not all of them work with all types of smartphones. The OnePlus 5 is expected to take a Nano-SIM card only.

The One Plus 5 requires a Nano Sim Card

For those that own a Standard- or Micro Sim card, then you’ll need to get a Nano SIM card so you can properly use the OnePlus 5.

SIM card with nano-perforation

This is the easiest option. Just press the Nano sim card along the perforation out from the existing sim card.

SIM card without nano-perforation

For those that own a SIM card that doesn’t have nano-perforation, you’ll be able to use a “SIM card cutter.” With the SIM card cutter, you can cut out the correct size of your old SIM card and make it for the OnePlus 5.

You should know that using a SIM card cutter can be a risk. The reason for this is because making an incorrect cut can damage the SIM card and not allow you to use it with any phone.

For those that don’t want to use a SIM card cutter, you can also just go to your local wireless carrier and ask them for a new SIM card that will work with the OnePlus 5.


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