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Sound Issues On OnePlus 6 – Fixed

Calling from OnePlus 6 should be flawless, only that it isn’t always that way. At times, your voice could be unclear and all kinds of background noises or interruptions could interfere.

Volume and sound not working on OnePlus 6 will soon enough turn into a very frustrating issue. So, you will probably want to contact your retailer and replace the phone. Before you do that, however, try your luck with the following suggestions.


The tiny things that can make a difference to OnePlus 6 sound problems

Begin with the simple operation of taking out the SIM card. Let the phone sit like that for a few minutes, then reinsert the SIM, turn it back on, and do some tests. You might notice improvements.

If you still feel the need for a change, take a look at the microphone. In time, dirt, dust, and debris have their special way of sneaking in and piling up. The result is that your microphone could get a thinner or thicker layer of dirt on it that affects the quality of voice. In this case, it is best if you clean it up using some compressed air.

Alternatively, the Bluetooth is a known culprit for the OnePlus 6 sound problems with sound. You can confirm this situation by turning it off and if you no longer have sound problems, it’s a fact – you’ll have to only turn on the Bluetooth when you really need it.

As a last resort, consider learning how to wipe the OnePlus 6 cache memory and this system cache refresh could also make a difference. Some would tell you to boot into Recovery Mode, but that’s from where you normally choose to factory reset your phone. So, if you do that, you’d better be prepared for the final solution of the OnePlus 6 problems with sound, which is the hard reset.

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