Texting Problems On OnePlus 6 – Fixed

Your brand-new OnePlus 6 sometimes sends text messages without problems but other times it doesn’t? And you have noticed that you’re occasionally having issues when trying to receive a text message from someone? Even if you’re not using the SMS service too often, we can only imagine how irritating this behavior must be.


What could possibly be the problem?

Judging by the way our readers describe the situation, the problem isn’t a general one. Some messages can be sent while others can’t. Some messages can be received on your phone while others can’t. This makes it very weird, but only when you don’t know what to look for.


Are you having problems when getting texts from Apple phones?

The common factor here is the Apple phone so, here’s another question: did you use an iPhone before switching your SIM to this OnePlus 6?

The problem, in this case, is that you haven’t deactivated the iMessage service. Now, your SIM is still trying to use it, which is why it can only send texts to Apple phones but it cannot receive them because your new device doesn’t support it.


Now that you know the reason for your OnePlus 6 texting issues, what can you do?

Realizing that your problems are connected with the old iPhone could worry you a little bit, especially if you have thrown it away, sold it or just misplaced it around the house. Your question now will probably revolve around whether you can or you cannot fix the texting issues without the device where you still have the iMessage active? And the answer will ease your mind because you can.

The online solution is to go to the Deregister iMessage web page and use an option for those who no longer have their iPhones. You’ll have to fill in a couple of fields, with your phone number and the region where you’ve been using it. A confirmation code will be sent to you, on that number that you provided, and you will be asked to type it in the Enter Confirmation Code field. Once you do that and submit the code, you can consider the iMessage deactivated. Testing how your OnePlus 6 works, you’ll see it’s doing great.

As a side note, if you happen to still have your iPhone, you could try an alternative solution and disable the iMessage right from it. Of course, you will have to transfer the SIM card back to it, use an internet connection, and disable the iMessage from Settings >> Message. Putting the SIM back into your new OnePlus 6, you should get the same results as with the method from above. And that’s another solution for the OnePlus 6 texting issues.



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