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Touch Screen Issues On OnePlus 6 – Fixed

Is the OnePlus 6 screen already giving you display problems? You’re not the only one complaining that the touch screen won’t respond to regular commands. The solutions, of course, will depend on when did the problem start to manifest. How it manifests can also make you suspect one direction or another. But usually, the display can:

  • Either be unresponsive, from the very beginning – that’s when you can suspect that it was damaged during the shipping;
  • Or start manifesting this problem later on – in this case, if the screen is unresponsive only in certain areas like at the bottom, you can suspect a physical deterioration of the display; if it is completely unresponsive, you can and you should look into some more advanced software problems and the solutions from below.


As tempted as you might be to ignore the problem when the display is only partially unresponsive, we strongly advise you not to do so. Sure, you could move all your icons in that part of the screen where the display still responds to your taps. But in the long run, you will only end up with a fully-unresponsive display and you don’t want that. Do you?


Things to do when the OnePlus 6 touch screen isn’t working


These are the top 3 suggestions that you should follow – of course, only if you want to fix it yourself. Otherwise, there’s always the possibility to let an authorized technician look into it. Until then, however, allow us a few words on each of the above-mentioned options.


To fix the OnePlus 6 unresponsive touchscreen with a factory reset…

  1. Assuming that the screen isn’t working only randomly, go to the Notification Shade;
  2. Open the Settings center;
  3. From that page, bring up the User and Backup options;
  4. Select Backup and Reset;
  5. Hit the Factory Data Reset option;
  6. And then, tap on Reset Device;
  7. Confirm with Delete All when asked to do so;
  8. Wait for the factory reset to complete, after which the phone will reboot.


If you cannot use this method, try the alternative guide to factory reset the OnePlus 6.


To fix the OnePlus 6 unresponsive touchscreen by wiping the cache…

  1. Begin by turning off your phone;
  2. Tap the Volume Up, Power, and Home buttons, all at the same time;
  3. Wait to feel a vibration, which usually occurs when the Android logo is being displayed;
  4. Then you can only let go of the Power button but continue holding the others;
  5. At some point, the Recovery menu will load and you can start navigating through it;
  6. Using the Volume Down, switch from one menu to another until you reach the one that says Wipe Cache Partition;
  7. Hit the Power button to wipe the cache;
  8. Confirm from the Yes option and press the Power button one more time;
  9. After the wiping, you will still be in Recovery Mode – select Reboot System Now to leave it;
  10. Wait a bit until the phone reboots with a crystal-clear cache memory.


Alternatively, try long-pressing the Volume Down button until you see the OnePlus logo and the question of whether you want to wipe the cache or not – select yes and wait.

Last but not least, have a look at this extra tutorial with instructions for the OnePlus 6 clear cache.


To fix the OnePlus 6 unresponsive touchscreen with a hard reset…

The hard reset is one of the hard ways to learn that you should always back up your important documents and files. If you’re lucky and you can still use the device, go to Settings and back things up from under the Backup and Reset menu. Then, try out this guide with the OnePlus 6 hard reset instructions or simply follow these steps:

  1. Turn off your OnePlus 6 device;
  2. Start holding the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons up until you make the OnePlus logo pop up on the screen;
  3. In the Recovery Menu, go to Wipe Data / Factory Reset with the Volume Down and hit Power to start this process;
  4. You’ll be asked to confirm the action, and you should select “Yes – delete all user data”;
  5. When the reset is over, use the Reboot System Now menu to return to the normal running mode.


… and an apparently far-fetched solution that can still work

Don’t ask us to explain why this might work but believe us when we tell this: many OnePlus 6 owners would swear that nothing worked for their unresponsive touchscreen until they have removed the SIM card. So, as hard to believe as it is, consider that it is super simple and you can do it in a minute. If you’re lucky, removing the SIM card and putting it back in after a few minutes could fix the OnePlus 6 problems with the touchscreen.

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