Transfer iPhone Contacts To OnePlus 6

In case you need to switch to Android from the iPhone, you might find it a little hard to transition. When switching from the iPhone to OnePlus 6, one of the things you ought to take care of is the contacts list. You will definitely not like the experience of manually transferring the long contacts list to your OnePlus 6 smartphone.

There are various options that allow you to achieve this. However, we will focus our attention on two options that we found to be easy and effective. Number one is through the use of your Google account and the other approach is using a third-party application.


Using the Google Account to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to OnePlus 6

The Google account is the simplest approach when you need to copy the iPhone contacts to your new OnePlus 6 Smartphone. To complete this follow the following basic steps:

  1. Open Google and Fill in the Required info
  2. Open the tiny settings on your iPhone
  3. Open the mails, navigate to contacts and then to the calendar tab
  4. Add the Google Account you just created
  5. The smartphone will ask you to synch various options
  6. Choose contacts
  7. Now go to your OnePlus smartphone and click on settings
  8. Navigate to accounts and select Google Account
  9. Look for the synchronization page and tap on the Synchronize Contacts


Once you have completed the above steps, you will have your contact list on the new OnePlus 6.


Using and Application to Transfer Contacts from an iPhone to OnePlus 6 Smartphone

There are several applications that can allow you to transfer your contacts list to the new smartphone. However, our focus will be on the app called Transfer Contacts/Backup Application. This application just makes use of the Bluetooth feature to transfer the contacts.

Therefore, you need to download and install the application. Once the application is installed, now activate the Bluetooth feature on the two phones and follow the guide illustrated on the application. This will directly transfer the contacts from the iPhone to the Android phone.

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