Turn OFF Keyboard Vibrations On OnePlus 6

You might find out that every time you press the keyboard on your smartphone the phone makes some vibrations. This vibration might be very uncomfortable for some users of the smartphone. Therefore, you might want to seek for an end to this disturbing issue. There are several solutions you might need to use for this issue to be resolved. However, note that the solution approach might be different depending on the keyboard that you are using.

If you are running Android Version 5 or 6, the first procedure will suit you. In the second option, we feature how those using Gboard on their OnePlus 6 device can deactivate the vibrations made by the keyboard. Later in the article, we will also feature the procedure for deactivating keyboard vibrations when you are using a different keyboard.


How To Deactivate Vibrations made by Keyboard for Android Version 6 and 5 users.

Before we get started, please note that this procedure is only useful for the phones that are running on Android Versions 5 and 6. Check out the Android version by opening the settings tab, check the about phone option and click on the android version. If you are running version higher than 6, then skip this step for now. For those running version five or six, the procedure is very basic.

  1. Open the settings view
  2. Navigate to the sounds and notifications
  3. Open the other sounds menu
  4. Uncheck the box indicating vibrations. Also, you might uncheck the box labeled Touch back box.


Once you have completed the above procedure, you are good to go!


How to Eliminate the Vibrator on Gboard Keyboard on your OnePlus 6 Device

Those running the Google keyboard can use the procedure illustrated below to eliminate the vibrations feature.

  1. Open the settings tab
  2. Navigate to advanced settings
  3. Open the Language and Input section
  4. Click on the Gboard Keyboard
  5. Open the Preferences tab and untick the vibration checkbox.


Through these basic steps, you will no longer feel the vibrations when using the Gboard.


Switching off The Vibrations on OnePlus 6 Keyboard

If by any chance you happen to be running another keyboard that is not Gboard, you can still disable the vibrations. The procedure you need to follow is pretty much the same.

  1. Open the settings tab
  2. Navigate to the languages and Input
  3. Select the particular keyboard installed on your phone
  4. Check the Keyboard vibrator checkbox that lets you disable vibrations by unticking the checkbox. In case you can’t locate these settings, we recommend you refer to the description section on the keyboard installed.

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