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Using One Plus 5 As A Flashlight

If you know that there is this possibility to use a One Plus 5 smartphone as a flashlight, don’t wait until you really need it to discover that you don’t know how to activate it. One small source of light, incomparable to the LED Maglight, is still better than no source of light. And if you also consider the benefit of not having to use third-party apps, you have even more reasons to go for the built-in widget.

Your One Plus 5 currently has this widget ready to be activated. The Torch widget can be placed right on the Home screen and turned On/Off with one tap. Read on to learn exactly what you should do.


The simple steps to using the flashlight on One Plus 5:

  1. First, turn on the device;
  2. From the main panel of the Home screen, access the Widgets menu with a long press on an empty spot of the screen – you’ll see a menu popping at the bottom of the display, with three icons labeled as Wallpapers, Widgets, and Home Screen Settings;
  3. By selecting the Widgets menu, you’ll be redirected towards a new window where all the widgets available on your One Plus 5 are listed;
  4. Browse through that list until you find the Torch widget;
  5. Tap and hold the Torch icon;
  6. Drag it to an empty position from the Home screen;
  7. From now on, whenever you need to use the flashlight on One Plus 5 you can use the Torch icon from the Home screen.


For turning off the Torch, you must either: 

  1. Tap the same icon from the Home screen;
  2. Or swipe down the Notification shade and deactivate it from there.


For anyone interested in “How do I use the flashlight on my One Plus 5”, hopefully, the simple instructions from above have made it clear. If not, you might want to try the alternative provided by the launcher – you’ll notice some widgets displayed in different locations but, other than that, you should guess what you have to do.


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