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Using Private Mode On OnePlus 5 – Guide

OnePlus 5 does track all your moves when browsing the web. That’s actually a common fact with any other Android device, just like it is a fact that you can do something about it. You have the Private Mode at hand, an option that lets you browse the web while enjoying a little bit more confidentiality.

When you turn it on, the viewing history and the search queries will no longer be stored and the browser will not keep your login credentials ready to use. The cookies are the only ones you’re stuck with but, other than that, you’ll enjoy using this killswitch. To make the OnePlus 5 stop remembering whatever you viewed or clicked on, read on!


The Private Mode is extremely easy to access. With your smartphone turned on, you’ll have to:

  1. Launch the browser app, in this case, the Chrome browser;
  2. Access the browser’s general settings – you should have a 3-dot icon at the top right corner that you need to tap on;
  3. From the settings menu that will expand, select the New Incognito Tab option.


You’ll know you’re already incognito once the browser’s screen turns black and you get that New incognito tab notification pop-up. Basically, the browsing app will notify you that the private mode has been activated and that pretty much anything from what you’ll do within that window, from that moment on, will NOT be stored on the device’s history. That’s just in case you accidentally turn it on and you want to be warned about it.

The beauty of it is that OnePlus 5 isn’t limited to the Chrome browser. If you want to benefit from the Private Mode without having to manually activate or deactivate the Incognito navigation, you can also try an alternative like Dolphin Zero or even the Opera Browser.

The first one doesn’t store your data by default, while the second one has a more accessible browser-wide privacy mode. Any of these options is just as good to explore on your OnePlus 5.

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