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Using Split Screen On OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 smartphone comes with a feature that is referred to as “Split Screen View” and also the “Multiple Window Mode” in this article we bring to you the guide that allows you to put your phone on the “Split Screen Mode”. While the phone is on this mode, you will be able to run two applications at the same time. However, you first need to activate this option on your phone so that you can be able to use it.

We explain to you the procedure for enabling the “Divided Screen Mode” and also the “Multiple Window Mode”.


Procedure For Activating OnePlus 6 Split Screen

Follow the instructions that we share below to be able to enable the divided Screen and also the multiple Window Mode.

  1. Turn on your Phone
  2. Open the Settings
  3. Under Device you will see Multiple Window. Click on it
  4. On the Right side and at the top you will see a Toggle. To activate the multiple screen view mode, move the toggle bar to ON.
  5. Be sure to set if the Multiple Screen should be by default or not. To set to default, tick the box that is next to the multiple window mode.


Once you have completed those steps, a grey half circle will appear on the screen. Therefore, to use the feature you can always click on the semicircle.

Then you also should move the applications from the phone menu to the specific window where you want the apps to appear. The semicircle will allow you to reduce or also to increase the size of screen for a better view.


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