Weather Alerts On OnePlus 6

Just in case your OnePlus 6 will ever start making crazy sounds, you should know what the weather alerts are… Believe us when we tell you, nothing can prepare you for the scary sound of such a scary alert! This one, together with all the other alerts in a special category, is really meant to make you freak out.

After all, it’s why they’re only sent by state or local agencies like the Homeland Security, the FEMA and the FCC, or, in the case we just mentioned, the National Weather Service. Feeling confused with all these names and the multiple alerts we’re talking about?

To clear things out, your OnePlus 6 can display four types of alerts, for four types of specific and dangerous situations. You have the Presidential alert, one that no one can ever disable. And then you have the Extreme, the Severe, and the AMBER alerts. These ones, with the right knowledge, can be disabled and in case you’re wondering why you would do such thing…

Let us just say that these alerts can sometimes trigger accidentally. In the case of weather alerts, for instance, you can be sure that no apocalyptic snow storms or floods will strike out of the blue. In desperate times, you’ll have plenty of other sources of information to know what’s going on in advance. So, no need to worry about shutting this alert off.


All these being said, if you prefer to turn off these severe weather alerts, let us show you how:

  1. Go to your Messages app and access its Settings;
  2. Browse through its settings for these Emergency Alerts and select that submenu;
  3. Finally, look at the alerts listed in there and uncheck the box of the extreme weather alert.


Like mentioned, you can uncheck other boxes as well, for any other type of alert, except for the Presidential alerts. But start learning how to handle the OnePlus 6 weather alerts and you’ll know what to do with the rest of it. Just the same, you’ll know how to get back here and tick the boxes once again – in case you ever change your mind…

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