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Weather App On One Plus 5

As long as you have a smartphone, sooner or later, you might want to start checking up the weather with its help. Not only during your day to day life but especially when you’re traveling and you want to know what to expect from that new location you’re visiting. The One Plus 5, just like any other device, comes with a widget that does just that. It is a weather and location widget under the Accuweather label that, once you learn how to use, will make your life much easier.

Read on and you’ll discover the simple steps required for finding the weather app on your smartphone. In case you have previously removed it – on purpose or by mistake – now you will have to start right from the clock widget. By selecting it and opening it in the full-screen mode, you should be able to see both the clock and the weather details. That’s where you grab the missing weather widget and drag it on the Home screen once again. Below you have the instructions.


To activate the One Plus 5 weather app…

  1. Start from the Home screen;
  2. Press and hold its main key;
  3. As the Home screen minimizes, a new screen with different menu buttons will replace it;
  4. Find the Widgets icon and select it;
  5. From the new page with Widgets you can go to the Weather widget;
  6. Select and hold that widget;
  7. Drag it to the Home screen, on an empty spot;
  8. Leave this menu and return to the Home screen, where you should have the Accuweather icon.


From now on, you can check the weather right on your One Plus 5 main screen.

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