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Weather App On OnePlus 6 – Guide

The weather app on OnePlus 6 that is readily available is pretty much like the clock app – you’re using it without even paying too much attention to it and you’re only starting to notice its absence when it stops working.

\If you want to get accurate information on how the weather will be today, in the following days, and up to a week from now on, you’d better rely on this tiny widget from Accuweather. But for all that to become easily accessible information on a daily basis, you probably need to know how to find it on your OnePlus 6, first.


How to activate OnePlus 6 weather app

  1. Go back to the Home Screen of the OnePlus 6 smartphone;
  2. Long-press the main key and hold it like that until the main panel minimizes and a screen with several menu buttons extends in its place;
  3. Select the Widgets button;
  4. Browse through the list of widgets;
  5. Find the Weather widget and long-press on it;
  6. With its icon selected, drag it to the Home Screen.


After leaving those settings you will see the Accu Weather icon on OnePlus 6 display. Unless you will delete it by mistake your weather app should remain there for a long time. And you should be able to hit the refresh button for up-to-date information or tap it for a more detailed prognosis on several days.

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