WiFi Printing On OnePlus 6

You have your new OnePlus 6 with tons of apps and the possibility to do pretty much everything you do on a computer, right on your smartphone. Then, you also have this smart wireless printer sitting around. Is there any way you can connect the two of them, to print whatever you need from the phone, straight to that local printer? Of course, there is, that’s why they call it a smart device…

Coming up next, you should prepare yourself to learn how to print emails, PDF files, photos, or whatever else you want. Wireless printing is all about using the right software and OnePlus 6 has what it takes to handle such tasks. And with the correct driver plugin, you’re minutes away from fixing this issue once and for all. Read our guide, test the instructions, and convince yourself.


How to make the OnePlus 6 to print documents wirelessly

You might have noticed that we’ve used quite general terms so far. That’s because the wireless printing on the OnePlus 6 can really be a general process. More exactly, the instructions from below should work with a wide range of printers, so, don’t worry about compatibility issues for now.

  1. Go to the Settings of the phone;
  2. Access the section named Connect & Share;
  3. Hit the Printing button;
  4. Take a good look at the list of installed printers, as revealed in there;
    • If you don’t find your printer on that list, use the Plus symbol to get to the Play Store and search for its driver in there;
  5. With the right driver at hand and your printer now listed on the Printing menu, you can select it and the OnePlus 6 should connect to that wireless printer;
  • If the connection doesn’t work, check the printer and turn it On!
  1. Once it finds the printer, select it and look at the printing options;
  2. Choose the print quality and layout that would best fit your file and decide if you want the 1-side or the 2-side printing option.


With all these settings in place, you can, from now on, use your phone and your printer to make them work together. Open the document you wish to print and select that 3-point icon from the upper-corner of that window.

Finally, hit Print and the OnePlus 6 will make use of your previously selected printing options to transfer that file straight onto the paper of the wireless printer.


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