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7 Ways To Fix Galaxy S8 Battery Drain Issues

The battery autonomy is an essential feature of any decent smartphone. When Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones were officially released, everybody appreciated their powerful batteries. After all, what’s the point in owning such a device if you can’t even make it through the day from one charge?

While Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus aren’t supposed to give you such problems, there are some users who have reported an abnormal battery drain. Are you facing the same issue? Does your phone battery die faster than it should?

There are several culprits you could suspect and in this article, we will review them one by one. An overview of the promised 7 ways to fix Galaxy S8 battery drain issues would include the following problems:

  • Faulty apps running in the background and wasting the device’s battery;
  • Recent software updates with bugs that would require an official fix;
  • Having too many functions turned on without using them – location, Wi-Fi, LTE, Bluetooth etc.


Now that you have some clues on your possible situation, let’s move on to the actual solutions:


  1. Reboot or even reset your device

This is an option that doesn’t try to find a flaw but rather eliminates all the potential weaknesses from the very beginning. Instead of investigating, you do a backup of all your data and then perform a factory reset. Your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus will end up with a clean system, just like it was in the first day you got it. You can use the backup to get your information back and continue to use the device, see what happens, if the battery is still draining suspiciously fast.

For detailed instructions on how to do all that, read this Reboot & Reset Galaxy S8 Guide.


  1. Disable the extra functions

Do you really need LTE Internet, an active Bluetooth connection or an active Location tracking all the time? You might expect to be able to keep them active since they are available on your phone, but if it’s not helping you, why use the system’s resources this way? Disable them and see if they really have a significant impact on the life of your battery. Of course, you can manually activate any of these when you need it. In the meantime, let the smartphone breathe.

If you really don’t want to give up at least to your Bluetooth, another option would be to activate the Power Saving Mode. This mode will automatically activate the function when necessary for navigation.


  1. Disable the Wi-Fi

We kept the Wi-Fi separately because it’s one of those extra features that many people use several times a day. Even so, it can kill the battery of your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus if you keep it activated all day long. The rule of thumb is to turn it off as long as you don’t need it.


  1. Activate the Power-Saving Mode

This feature is specifically designed to help you allocate resources the right way. With the options it includes, this mode will restrict background data and limit performances, all in an attempt of saving battery without inflicting your user experience too much. The GPS turned off when out of use, the backlit keys just the same, a lowered screen frame rate, limiting the processor – all these are just a few of the aspects controlled in Power Saving Mode. You really need to try and see how it influences your battery life.


  1. Adjust background sync settings

As much as you like not having to worry about synchronizing data, the less you control the process, the more your system will work in the background. So instead of letting open apps running in the background and draining your Galaxy S8 battery, close whatever apps you are not using. Just pull down the quick settings, swipe down with two fingers, and then tap the Sync to deactivate it. Or access the general Settings and disable sync for whatever apps you’re not using, right under the Accounts field. Suffices to disable background sync for your Facebook app and a significant improvement on your battery will be visible. The effort to keep roaming around is well worth.


  1. Forget the Tethering option

Sure, you liked the perspective of using your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus as a hotspot. But this is one of those functions that take a big chunk of your battery life. So, if you really need it, at least try to reduce the amount of time you’re keeping it active. If you can live without it, just deactivate this option.


  1. Ditch the TouchWiz Launcher

This launcher takes a lot of memory and, at the same time, contributes to draining your battery. Do you need it? Not really. But if you think you do, there are less-consuming alternatives such as the Nova Launcher. Surf the web, evaluate your options, read reviews and decide what launcher should you use.


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