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Accessing Samsung Note 8 Clipboard?

Do you ever notice a note that says “saved on the Clipboard” whenever you try to copy or cut words, phrases, or sentences on your Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Are you also wondering where the clipboard is located? While clipboard is not visible on your smartphone, there is still a way to access it. In this area, you can see all the content you cut or copy using your smartphone.

But how do you access your Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s clipboard? How can you use it to check the words or sentences you copied earlier? Read on to find the instructions on how to access clipboard on your smartphone.


Quick guide to access the clipboard of Samsung Note 8

  1. Go to the keyboard of you Samsung phone;
  2. Click the Customizable key;
  3. And then choose the Clipboard key.


Here’s another option to access the clipboard:

  1. Select an empty text box on your phone’s screen;
  2. Long press on that text box to go to the Clipboard box;
  3. Once done, tap on the box to go to the Clipboard area. Here you can and see the content you’ve copied in using your phone.


With these two tips, you can now easily access your Samsung Note 8 Plus Smartphone’s Clipboard.

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