Activate S8 Night Clock On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

You may have recently been having issues with the Samsung Galaxy S8’s watch giving your eyes some problems. There has actually been a few recommendations that could turn on your night clock on your Samsung Galaxy S8.

You will then notice your Night Clock being shown on the smartphone’s display and then turn it on for a specific period. Read below on how to turn on the night clock on the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Activating the S8 Night Clock On The Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8 Plus

  1. Navigate to your Menu from your home screen. Then navigate to your Settings, and the your Display. You will then be able to locate method for a night clock in your menu.
  2. Select an entry and then turn on your night watch with the controller.
  3. You should then have time on your night clock set and turned on for the Samsung Galaxy S8.


Since you will see your night watch be enabled on the Samsung Galaxy S8 display when it is on a certain time period.

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