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Adjust App Icon Size In Home Screen Of Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S9

If you’d like to learn how to change the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 app icon size on the home screen, you can follow the guide we have provided below.

To begin with, you’ll need to open the home screen edit mode on Galaxy S8. To do this, hold down your finger on the home screen.

Once in home screen edit mode, you will need to tap the screen grid option in the bottom right hand corner. On the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 there are three different sizes available for screen grid – there is 4×4, 4×5, and 5×5. The larger the screen grid, the more app can fit on one page on the home screen and the smaller the app icons will be. This also means that the smaller the screen grid, the larger the app icons will be.


Once you have chosen the screen grid size you are happy with, you can tap the apply button. Your newly change app icon sizes will be displayed on the home screen of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.


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