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Backing Up Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus To Your PC

Backing up your phone to your PC is especially necessary if you are planning a factory reset of your smartphone. This is because a factory reset wipes off all your saved data and hence, it is imperative to ensure all your important information is backed up first. Below, we will explain two rather simple methods of protecting your data using very highly recommended software.

Android Transfer, Phone Transfer and Android Data Transfer are 3 such software and are free for the course. They allow you to back up your music, messages, photos as well as your Samsung contacts right to your Windows or Mac PC. It also comes well equipped with a data transfer and erase option that enables you to better manage your Galaxy S8, S8+ Plus, S7 or S7 Edge.


Method 1: Copy via Android Data Recovery

Android Data Recovery is wonderful for both data back up as well as a recovery tool for Android users. You can use it to protect your information such as messages, phone contacts, photos, videos, call history, application data as well as music from your Android device right you your PC quite easily.

  1. Click on the program and once it’s running, connect your Galaxy smartphone to your PC. Download Android Data Recovery then connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your PC through a USB cable.
  2. Select the files you wish to back up then hit back up. Here you can browse for the data files you wish to back up and begin copying your files. This process is done within seconds. After it is done, click on ‘View the Backup’ to check the backup file.
  3. You should however note that you should not interfere with your Android device during the transfer. Keep your device connected throughout the entire process for you to get a complete backup.


Method 2: copy data via Android Transfer


Download and install the Android Transfer application

Below are links for you to download and install the latest free trial version of the Android Transfer software on your PC. After downloading it, set up as per the guide.



Connect your Samsung Galaxy S5, S8 and S8 to your PC

After the installation is done, run the application. Using a USB cable, connect your Samsung Galaxy smartphone to your PC. Once connected, the device name and the model of your device will display.



Back up your Galaxy S8/S8/S5 to your PC

Click on Data Type on the left column to preview your back up data in detail. After the preview, click on the “Export” button to securely save the data to your PC


Method 3: copy data via Phone Transfer

Step 1: connecting your Galaxy smartphone to your PC

If you already got Phone Transfer installed on your PC, you only have to run it. Then connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your PC via a USB cable. Click on “Backup your phone” option on the Home Page. You should however ensure you’ve got an original USB cable for your device in this step.


Step 2: One-click data transfer

Browse for the files you wish to save then hit the Start Copy button. As a matter of fact, if you instead wish to back up all your files, just hit the “All” check box.



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