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Beauty Mode On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

If selfies still have that value to you, then I could tell you that Samsung Galaxy S8 has really invested in this department as well. There is no significant improvement on the front camera, but it will still get your job done. There are also a few wonderful features that are guaranteed to make your photos look better than ever.

To be more exact, the latest Galaxy S8 comes equipped with a nice megapixel sensor, just like its major competitors, only that Samsung’s has a wide-angle lens. This enables you to cram a lot more faces into your selfies without leaving any of them out. All that without even mentioning the front camera that has got a small icon whereby if you click on it, it brings up a few more options with sliders for Beauty mode.

You heard me right! Beauty mode makes a return, only that Samsung has really gone balls to the walls with the latest one. Previously, it simply used to be just a softening tool to help you mask part of your imperfections. The new feature has even more for those that wish to look better than ever before. Precisely, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Beauty Mode has;

  • A skin tone feature that softens the face up to hide the wrinkles
  • A slim face feature that makes your face appear thinner
  • A Spotlight feature that balances any possible imbalanced lighting by brightening those portions
  • A Large Eyes feature that enhances your eyes and makes them stand out more
  • A Sharp Correction feature that fixes the shape of faces that appear distorted.


All these settings are tuned easily with slider bars for you to find the perfect balance for your situation. As such, you only have to highlight specific parts of the face that you wish to make to stand out. This is done by turning the Spotlight in Beauty Mode. The direction and strength of the spotlight can be adjusted for different effects, so enjoy!


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