Beauty Mode On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S9 Plus

You cannot use a Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone and not fall in love with its amazing camera capabilities. If you weren’t much of a selfie enthusiast before getting this device, you have all the chances to become one, as soon as you experiment with its front-facing camera and the Beauty Mode.

Sure, as a Samsung fan and previous user of Galaxy devices, you’ll almost instantly notice that there aren’t too many changes brought to the front-camera module. This camera simply does what it’s supposed to, served by a 5-megapixel sensor. It’s a classic lens you’ll get to see with most of the other competitive models, but it’s the wide-angle format that will please you the most.

In other words, thanks to this wide-angle lens of the front camera, your selfies will take in more faces and put equal emphasis on reproducing and beautifying the traits of all the faces from the selfie. Speaking of which, beautifying your selfies is not just done by the lens itself, but rather by the dedicated Beauty Mode.

Again, you might have encountered the Beauty Mode before, yet it used to be a humble tool for applying soft adjustments and hiding away the imperfections. This time, this special mode will bring significant improvements to your pictures. And we can brag about it all day long, but you’d have to see the effects with your own eyes in order to be stunned by it. So…


Here’s why you should activate the Beauty Mode on Galaxy S9 Camera:

  • It comes with a special skin tone feature that will hide wrinkles away and visibly soften your facial traits;
  • It also has the slim face feature, perfect for making your face look thinner;
  • It uses a spotlight to brighten certain areas of your face and hide the effects of any potential imperfect lighting;
  • It can even enhance your eyes, making them look bigger and stand out even more;
  • It corrects the shape of your face, in case it detects what seems to be a distortion of the image.


Before we end this tutorial on using the Beauty Mode with the Galaxy S9 camera, let us specify: all of the previously mentioned options can be manually enabled or disabled. Each one has its own slider and you simply need to turn on the Beauty Mode and play with the settings.

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