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“Before you can download the attachment, you must download the e-mail” On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus (Solution)

You may be experiencing issues with your Samsung Galaxy S8 and you are not alone. There have been many reports that people are having multiple errors when they are using their smartphone. Usually when you pay quite a bit for a device, you hope that you do not run into issues and that you do not get headaches or frustrated with the problems that occur.

In this guide we will try to help you solve your problems. There may be an occasion where you want to download a email attachment on the Samsung Galaxy S8 using an Android app and you receive a message that shows up when you need to get an attachment open that says “Download email – Before you can download the attachment, you must download the e-mail”.


This is what we will be helping you with in much more detail that you should not be worried. You must fist view your email and scroll down to the bottom of your email screen. Next, the information on your email using mobile data connection or Wi-Fi will be loaded automatically and make sure the attachments are included in the email.

You can then download this without having any problems with the email app on the Android and you will fix the problems you are having.

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