Black Screen Solution For Samsung Note 8

Say you have turned on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 only to discover that the screen stays black and doesn’t turn on as well? Check if the buttons light up – which will most likely do – and try to spot any kind of pattern.

Many users reported that this doesn’t happen in a very specific context, in the sense that it’s usually a random manifestation. Nevertheless, when it happens, it is as if nothing will wake up the screen, not even a call in progress. So, imagine that you try to turn the phone on, you tap its power button, you see the other keys lighting up, you hear it ringing but you can’t see anything on it… This has to stop!


The factory reset is, perhaps, the most accurate option

When nothing wakes up the screen, the fact that the factory reset will delete all your data seems like the smallest inconvenient, right? If you get the chance to back things up, by all means, do it. But if the smartphone turns off too fast, you can forget about it. Just learn how to factory reset your Samsung Note 8 and go with it.


The Wipe Cache Partition option shouldn’t be ignored, either

  1. You can do it from the Recovery Mode, where you will boot by simultaneously pressing the Home, Power, and Volume Up buttons;
  2. When you feel the vibration of the device, only let go of the Power button;
  3. When you finally see the Recovery Mode screen, you can release all the buttons;
  4. Remember that you want to use the Wipe Cache Partition option and search it with the Volume Down button;
  5. Start it with the Power button;
  6. It won’t take long until it finishes and the phone will reboot on its own.


Ultimately, try to ask for some technical support

In an authorized service, a professional will be able to tell what’s wrong with your smartphone a lot faster. Without having to second guess and without leaving room for any kind of uncertainty. When nothing worked from what you have tried, opt for this physical check and you won’t regret it. Better to find a solution faster for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 black screen problem!

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