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Bluetooth Troubleshooting On Samsung Note 8 – Fixed

The Galaxy Note 8 is one of Samsung’s best telephones ever. However, due to the issues it is facing it may be said that it is not perfect. Though it has unique specification to offer and it is Samsung most proficient telephone to date, a few client users have begun revealing different issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth.

Despite the numerous complain from few user of this product, Samsung is yet to give an update on the possible solution to this Bluetooth problem. In light of that, here we’ll be clarifying on several solutions to the problem of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth issues and how to fix it. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 first method of fixing or troubleshooting the Bluetooth problem is to navigate down to the cache of note 8 Bluetooth and do a total wipe (clear) of the data. You are surprise it that easy? Yes. Now you can try and connect the Samsung Galaxy note 8 to another close by Bluetooth


How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth troubleshooting

The second method require one to move to the bios setup to fix the Bluetooth related problem. First, you switch off the phone. Then put it on in a recovering mode. Scroll to wipe cache partition. Allow the phone to execute the process and restart the phone. There you have it. You can now try to connect with another Bluetooth near by the Samsung galaxy Note 8. This unique guide will definitely solve the problem associate with the Note7 Bluetooth.


How to fix Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth troubleshooting:

The third method is quite easy. It require one to navigate within the phone application in the settings. Are you ready?


  1. Switch-on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8
  2. On your home screen, select menu
  3. Navigate to the app icon “setting”
  4. Search for the Application Manager
  5. On the application manager, swipe to either left or right
  6. Scroll and select on Bluetooth
  7. Click on the Bluetooth and select to stop it forcefully.
  8. Now clear the cache
  9. Select clear the Bluetooth data
  10. Select Ok
  11. Reboot the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone


After you’ve followed the steps above, you should know how to fix the issues you’ve been having on your Samsung Note 8.

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