Bypass Forgotten Password On Galaxy S9

With strong competitors like ZTE, OnePlus or HTC, Samsung still manages to stay ahead. Its Galaxy S9 devices have great features that keep the Samsung fans thrilled while drawing in new customers. And things are, more often than not, going great for those who choose Samsung over all the other offers currently available on the market. In this article, we will discuss how to bypass forgotten password on Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus.

Consequently, this problem with the forgotten password on Galaxy S9 cannot be considered a problem of the device itself. If you have forgotten what password you have chosen and now you need a way to bypass it, that’s clearly on you.


Do not worry, we’re not here to blame you either, but simply to show you that there are still ways for you to unlock the smartphone and regain the access to your data. The following lines are precisely on this topic and we have selected two solutions for you.

  1. One way to bypass the forgotten password on Samsung Galaxy S9 is if you have previously activated the Android Device Manager feature. This is the ideal situation, when you have this option enabled, which means you will be able to bypass the current password, set up a temporary password, enough to get you in, and then make the official change and select a new, permanent password.
  2. The other way is probably the last one you’d like to try because, if you cannot use the ADM, you will most likely have to factory reset the phone. Without a previous backup, this one implies that you will also lose the access to whatever you had on the device.


Before we proceed to detail your options, bear in mind that this guide for the Samsung Galaxy S9 can be used with any other Android device!


Bypass Galaxy S9 Forgotten Password With The Android Device Manager

For this method, you are going to need a device with Internet. It can be another smartphone or even a computer, anything that lets you access the Android Device Manager website.

  1. Log in to your ADM account;
  2. Identify your Samsung Galaxy S9;
  3. Select the Erase & Lock button;
  4. Follow the steps suggested in there and lock your phone (don’t erase it!);
  5. Next, set up a temporary password;
  6. With this new password, go to your locked Galaxy S9 and use it to unlock it;
  7. Finally, go to the settings of the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9 and set up your new password, which, this time, will be permanent.


Bypass Galaxy S9 Forgotten Password With The Recovery Mode, For Factory Reset

This is the option that will erase your data because that’s what the factory reset process involves. The good part is that it will erase your forgotten password and the bad part is that it won’t spare anything in the process. Let us show you how to boot into Recovery Mode and wipe everything…

  1. First, turn off the device;
  2. Then, simultaneously press the Volume Up, the Power, and the Home keys;
  3. When you see the Samsung logo on the display, expect to boot into Recovery Mode very soon;
  4. Once that happens, use the volume keys to jump from one option to another, until you select the Factory Reset/Wipe Data option;
  5. When it shows up as selected, hit the Power button to activate it;
  6. A new screen will be loaded and you’ll be asked to confirm with a Yes or No;
  7. After this final confirmation, all you will have to do is to wait a couple of seconds for the factory reset to be initiated and the device to reboot empty.


Back to the normal running mode, you’ll have no password and no data on the smartphone. You can now consider that you can bypass forgotten password on Samsung Galaxy S9!

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