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Calibrate Compass On Samsung Note 8 – Manual

Your Samsung Note 8 is a smart device given all the smart features it carries. Among them, there’s the Compass application. Lots of persons of such devices don’t even realize that they have it. What’s more, from the individuals who know about it, just a couple truly knows how to calibrate it.

On the off chance that you’ve attempted the Compass on Note 8 and you were baffled by its outcomes, give it another opportunity. It may be the case that the application wasn’t properly calibrated, thus the unsatisfying outcomes.

In this present article, we will share with you the five steps for calibrating a Compass on your smart phone device the correct way. How about we come to the heart of the matter.


Calibrating the Compass on Samsung Note 8:

We didn’t actually ask ourselves how we would get to the Compass on Samsung Note 8. Since the reason here is to calibrate the application really, we’ll make the process short.

Turn on your cell phone device and move to the Home screen. From that point, tap on the Phone application and change to the Keypad segment. Here is the place our five steps start:

  1. dial *#0*# on the Keypad
  2. Make a tap on the Sensor tile
  3. Navigate to the point when you reach the Magnetic Sensor
  4. Move the gadget totally around every axis
  5. Move the Compass sensor of the gadget until the point that you calibrate it.


That was it. You can exit these menus through a few repeated taps on the Back button. From this minute on, the Compass is calibrated and you should be able to appreciate utilizing it.

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