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Calibrating Compass On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S9

Your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 is a smart phone because of all the smart features it boasts. Among them, there’s the Compass app. Many owners of such smartphones don’t even know that they have it. And from those who know about it, only a few really know how to calibrate it.

If you’ve tried the Compass on Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 and you were disappointed by its results, give it a second chance. It could be that the app wasn’t properly calibrated, hence the unsatisfying results.

In today’s article, we’re going to share with you the 5 simple steps for calibrating a Compass on your smartphone the right way. Let’s get straight to the point.


Calibrate the Compass on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 in 5 easy steps

We didn’t really ask ourselves how do I find and access the Compass on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9. Since the purpose here is to actually calibrate the app, we’ll keep the access part short.

Turn on your smartphone and head to the Home screen. From there, tap on the Phone app and switch to the Keypad section. Here is where our five steps begin:

  1. Type *#0*# on the Keypad;
  2. Tap on the Sensor tile;
  3. Browse until you reach the Magnetic Sensor;
  4. Move the device completely around each axis;
  5. Move the Compass sensor of the device until you completely calibrate it.


And that was it. Now you can exit these menus through several repeated taps on the Back button. From this moment on, the Compass is calibrated by the book and you should be able to enjoy using it.


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