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Can I Still Turn On Galaxy S8+ Plus With Broken Button?

Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus uses a minimum of hard and soft keys, most of the functions being accessible through the touchscreen. Nevertheless, all buttons are vulnerable to damage. But just so it happens that even when you can no longer use the power button, there’s still a way you can turn the device on or off. It doesn’t have to be easier, yet it sure makes it possible, so as long as you still have access to your smartphone and you don’t risk wasting out the battery, you should be happy to follow the steps from below:



How to turn on the device when the power button is broken:

  1. Insert a USB cable into your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus;
  2. Tap on the Volume button;
  3. Keep the button pressed while connecting the USB cable to a computer;
  4. Wait until you see that the phone boots to Download mode;
  5. Use the Volume down button to cancel the boot process;
  6. Let the smartphone to automatically reboot and turn on;
  7. Go on using it in the standard mode, despite the power button being inoperative.


How to turn off the device when the power button is broken:

Now that you managed to turn on the device and you finished working on it, if you want to turn it off, you have to go to the Home screen:

  1. Tap the Applications icon;
  2. Tap the Play Store icon;
  3. Identify the Search box;
  4. Type in the search box the text Button Savior;
  5. You’ll be directed to an application that you have to download and install;
  6. If, for whatever reasons, you cannot access this app through the Play Store, download the Button Savior from the web;
  7. Launch the Button Savior – if you’re asked to enable the debugging mode, here are the instructions for accessing the debugging mode;
  8. With the Debugging Mode On and the Button Savior up and running, select the option labeled as Kill/Start Button Savior Service;
  9. On the pop-up coming up to the screen, look for a small arrow oriented on the right side of the display;
  10. Tap on the arrow and convert it into icons;
  11. Tap the Power button from the bottom of the icon list;
  12. Hold the Power button icon to access the device options;
  13. From the context menu, tap on Power Off;
  14. Wait for your Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus to shut down.


This is how you turn off your smartphone when you cannot rely on the hard Power button.


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