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Can You Silence Samsung Galaxy S8 Or Galaxy S8+ Plus?

Setting your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus to Mute may be necessary at times. When no sound, no vibrations, no notifications are allowed to get out of your phone during an important meeting or a relaxation session, you will want to silence the device.

As the title suggests, there is more than one way you can do it. Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus offers you a couple of different options. The two main choices that you have at hand, and that we are going to discuss in today’s article, are a bit different in terms of outcomes.

If you choose to use the classic settings and silence your smartphone from the menus, it will remain on Mute until you decide to do otherwise.

If you want to try something cooler, like the motion and gesture function, the device will start ringing but you can automatically silence it with one gesture.

Let’s see what’s this all about.



How to silence Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus with the standard Mute function

It is simple, it is quick, and it has the advantage that it will spare you of any worries once you have commuted to it. The volume control from the left side of the phone is supposed to do just that. You press and hold it until it automatically goes to the Silent mode.

Alternatively, you can hold down the Power button until your two main options – switch to mute or switch to vibrations – will pop up on the screen.

Last but not least, you can swipe down the notification bar. Under the general Menu from there, you can access the sound settings and tap on the dedicated widget to silence the device.


How to silence Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus with the Motions and Gestures function

Motions and Gestures is one of those new, cool additions of Samsung’s latest flagships that everyone is eager to try. Nevertheless, the function isn’t enabled by default, so you will first have to activate it from Settings, My Device, Motions and Gestures.

Once you have activated it from the settings, you will be able to mute any sound of your smartphone by just turning the phone over and placing it on its face. Or you could just place your palm to cover the screen and your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus will automatically silence.


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