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Can’t Connect Galaxy S8 Bluetooth To The Car (Solution)

Is this the first time when you try to connect your smartphone to the car and something just doesn’t want to work? Galaxy S8 Bluetooth car issues are actually more common than you’d think. Naturally, you don’t think of it until it happens to you. But when that happens, you find out that the web is full of such questions. How comes?

First of all, the problem manifests with all kinds of cars. Imagine that the users of Toyota, Volvo, GM, Nissan Ford, Mazda, BWM, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, and Tesla are all asking the same question. Why can’t I connect my smartphone to my car via Bluetooth?

Second of all, Samsung hasn’t officially declared this as a problem, therefore, hasn’t officially presented any solution for it. These two aspects combined make of it a stringent problem, one that we are trying to ease a little bit through this article.

The way we see it, based on all the troubleshooting we’ve done so far but also based on what our readers reported by now, you can either clear the cache and the data of the Bluetooth and see what it happens. Or directly go for the most radical solution, which is to wipe cache partition from the Recovery Mode.

With this clear the cache guide you will be able to test the actual cache status. It’s important to do so because it’s the cache memory that stores temporary data and a connectivity problem between a car and your smartphone’s Bluetooth can easily be triggered by the cache.


If you want to clear the Bluetooth cache and data, you need to:

Access the All Tabs under Application Manager:

  1. Go to the Home screen;
  2. Tap on the App icon;
  3. Browse for the Application Manager;
  4. Wipe either right or left to access All Tabs;


Clear Bluetooth cache and data:

  1. You’re now under the All Tabs tab on Bluetooth;
  2. Select to forcefully stop it;
  3. Clear the cache;
  4. Select Clear Bluetooth data;
  5. Select Ok;
  6. Restart the smartphone.


If you want to wipe cache partition, you should:

  1. Learn how to access Recovery Mode;
  2. Follow the steps to wipe cache partition;
  3. Try to reconnect your Samsung Galaxy S8 to another Bluetooth device than the car;
  4. Try to reconnect the smartphone to the car.


All these instructions should eventually solve the Bluetooth car connection issue on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus.


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