Change and Adjust Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8+ Plus Quick Settings

For those who recently acquired the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone, it is important that you know about the Quick Settings feature. This feature is of great importance on the Samsung Galaxy S8 as well as the Galaxy S8+ Plus smartphone. It gives you the ability to change some default settings in an easy and simple manner.

The Quick Settings gives you access to ten quick settings at the top of your notifications bar. While in the notifications bar, you will find that five quick settings have already been set by default. But you can browse through the other optional five available quick settings on your Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8+ Plus.

Despite the fact that Samsung smartphones come with the option for ten quick settings, you can find many more quick settings as provided by different wireless service providers. For instance, those of us using the T-Mobile, you will be given the option for sixteen quick settings on your S8 and S8+ Plus Galaxy smartphones. The Verizon on the other hand provides access to nineteen quick settings which you can make use of.

Below is a guide on how to change and also adjust the quick settings on the Samsung Galaxy S8 or the S8+ Plus Samsung smartphone.

Changing or Adjusting the Quick Settings for Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus

  1. Switch on your Samsung Galaxy or the S8+ Plus Samsung Galaxy
  2. Now proceed to the Quick Settings menu
  3. From here, click on Edit at the very top of your screen
  4. Now all you have to do is click and drag the different items you would like to rearrange.


You should note however that the quick settings only enable you to see the top ten settings on your screen when you access this option. Hence the need to rearrange the quick settings in preference to the ones you frequently use.



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