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Change SIM Pin For Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus (Solutions)

Many Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus owners tend to ignore the importance of setting a SIM Pin on their smartphones. Most prefer using a password lock on the phone and / or a file system encryption, without realizing that none of these will actually protect their SIM cards.

If someone is really trying to get your data, removing your SIM card from your Galaxy S8 / Galaxy S8+ Plus and inserting it into another phone that doesn’t have any password or encryption, is simple. That way, the person will have access to your security data, billing information, phone number, and other details.

Now that you, hopefully, understood the importance of setting a SIM Pin, you will probably also need to know how to change it. Perhaps you think someone might have guessed what Pin you’re inserting or you just don’t feel comfortable with your current Pin. At times, even your device might require a change of PIN, in order to unlock the phone and the Internet function, or just in order to turn on the device. No matter the context, knowing the following steps will prove handy.


How to change the SIM Pin on Galaxy S8 / S8+ Plus

  1. Go to the Home screen;
  2. Tap on Settings;
  3. Access the Security tab;
  4. Tap on SIM Pin Options;
  5. Change your SIM Pin.


Bear in mind that in order to change the SIM Pin, the device will first ask you to introduce your old SIM Pin. It could be annoying, especially if you have forgotten that one and you were hoping you could skip the blockage by simply changing that Pin. Nevertheless, it is also the best way to protect you from other people changing your phone PIN and blocking your access.


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