Circle With Dash Symbol On Galaxy S8 On Galaxy S8+ Plus

You may sometimes notice a small circle with a dash through the middle in your status bar. This small icon can often be seen on Android devices like your Samsung Galaxy S8. We have explained what this small circle symbol is below:

When you can see the small circle with the dash through the center, it means your Samsung Galaxy S8 is in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

With this mode turned on, you’ll no longer receive notifications or call tones, unless you have selected a contact as “important” and that particular contact tries to contact you. If you accidentally switched this mode on and would like to turn it off, simply follow the steps we have listed below.


Circle With Dash Symbol On Galaxy S8 On Galaxy S8+ Plus

  1. Tap the home button on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Open the app menu, then tap on the settings map. Tap on “Do Not Disturb” and uncheck the box for “Activate now.”
  2. After you uncheck the activate box, the do not disturb icon will be removed from your status bar.
  3. If the “Enable as planned” option is turned on, tap the slider to move it to the OFF position. This will ensure that your do not disturb mode does not turn back on at a set time throughout the day.



Hopefully this guide has helped to teach you what the small circle in your Samsung Galaxy S8 status bar is.


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