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Common Call Issues And Fixes For Galaxy S8 And S8+ Plus

If you have a new Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus, there is still a chance that you would experience call issues. By issues, we mean that you either cannot make calls, or you cannot receive calls. Some users complain about both, so it happens. The good news here is that it doesn’t always have to be your phone to blame.

We’re not planning to rule out this option, but in today’s article, we’d like to focus on some ways you can fix the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus call issues with a few simple tips. If you’re lucky enough, you might not have to change the smartphone for a new one, especially if it’s not the device’s fault here.

You might be thinking that it’s not your case because calls drop after minutes of already talking on the phone – if you ask us, that’s one situation when you can suspect a faulty internet connection or some network issues. But no matter the context, our tips will cover a wide range of malfunctions, even like the ones we have previously mentioned.

Remember, the key of how to fix call issues on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus is to identify the real cause of the problem in the first place!


Fix #1 – Check if the Flight Mode is active

The Flight Mode blocks your calls so it is only natural to check if the option wasn’t activated by mistake when you cannot receive or make any calls. In fact, this mode blocks all your device’s wireless connections, but you can have a close look at it by going to Notifications bar >> Settings >> Flight Mode >> toggle the Flight Mode to Off.


Fix #2 – Check if you have signal in the area

Weak signal or no signal at all also impairs your voice calls. Luckily, this one you can check straight on your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus’s display, by looking at the signal bars.

The more signal bars you have colored in there, the stronger is the signal coming from the closest wireless tower. If you can barely see those bars, you clearly have a signal problem. It could be that you’re too far from a wireless tower, in which case you need to move on until you enter an area with better signal. Or it could be that your smartphone has a problem with connecting to a tower.

In this second situation, try to reset the device and see if you can fix the glitch. Also, read this guide on how to reboot a Samsung Galaxy S8.


Fix #3 – Use another network mode

The phone is already running on a particular network mode, but you can try to change it and see if this will fix the calls’ problem. Maybe your smartphone can work on a specific network, there’s only one way to find out: swipe the main Menu >> Settings >> Mobile Networks >> Network Mode >> select WCDMA/GSM.


Fix #4 – Have the device automatically find networks

If nothing worked so far, you can also suspect that you just got out of the phone’s range and you’ve probably lost the connection. You will need to find a new network to connect to. So instead of manually doing so, change the settings of your smartphone. Let it automatically scan for available networks and try to connect to the one with the strongest signal: swipe the main Menu >> Settings >> Mobile networks >> Network operators >> just wait for the device to find networks within range >> tap on Select automatically.


Fix # 5 – Watch out for outages

This is more like an informational action, not an actual fix. What you have to do is to ask around and see if there’s been any outage reported in your area. Cellular services do enter the maintenance mode every now and then. There’s nothing you can do about it other than wait and hope the outage will pass quickly. But at least you know it’s the outage you’re dealing with and you don’t have to stress about your Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ Plus being broken.


Fix #6 – Check your account status

We’re not saying you haven’t paid your bill, but maybe your account has been deactivated by mistake. Calling your wireless carrier – Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint – and asking if your account is active is yet one more thing you need to check. With this occasion, you can also find out if there are any other problems in the area that you didn’t know of…

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