Connecting Samsung Note 8 To Kies (Solved)

Have you recently tried to connect a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to a PC and use the Samsung Kies 3 software? If you did and you were wondering why isn’t working, you will probably won’t like the answer: Samsung no longer supports this service on its latest devices. So, no, you cannot and you will never again be able to connect a Samsung Note 8 to Kies. But yes, you have an alternative and we are going to talk to you about it in today’s short tutorial.

The problem of connecting Note 8 to Kies was solved through the so-called Smart Switch software. It has a different name but it works relatively the same. It still requires you to install it on your computer. It can still be downloaded from the official website of Samsung. And it is still available in two different software versions, for Mac and Windows – about 37MB in size each of them.


As for how you are supposed to connect Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to the new Smart Switch instead of the old Kies… Get the right software version from their website and install it on your computer. Then, grab a USB cable and connect the device to the PC so that the Smart Switch will start working. It should detect your phone by default and it will show you the options on the display.

You’ll see, from transferring general files and videos or music or photos to contacts, calendars, notes, and messages – your options are more than generous. Forget connecting Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Kies, there’s a better option!

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