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Does Galaxy S8+ Plus And Galaxy S8 Have LED Notification?

The LED notification is that light that blinks on top of the screen sometimes. It is paramount to mention this because many users of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus have not known this. The question is does the phone have a LED notification? The Galaxy S8 has a led notification and it is important because users will not need to check if there is a missed call or a text that has not been read.

Sometimes the ringtones in the Smartphone may not be heard properly and the LED Flashlight will help the user to know that they have an unread message. Another thing that users must understand about this feature is that they cannot disable or set the LED notification for a particular contact.

As much us this feature is good, it is not all the user who may like it but if you want to disable it here are a few steps to follow;


How to Turn OFF and Disable the LED Notification

  1. Switch on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ Plus
  2. Open the menu from the home screen
  3. Scroll in order to see settings and tap on the “Sound and Settings”
  4. Find the “LED indicator” gear
  5. Use this option to disable the LED notification on the Galaxy S8+ Plus


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