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Does Rapid Charging Harm The Battery On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus

It is possible to charge your Samsung Galaxy S8 rapidly using the charging cable that is supplied. If you compare this to the other charging cable method, your smartphone should be charged completely in an hour.

But, there has been some debate on if a quick charge option will actually shorten the life of your internal battery. You may be curious why the timeline of your battery would be changed? This is because the R/C hobby sector explains that when you have high currency charging, there is a lot more capacity than your smartphone device.

It has been said that the dimensions for charging currents, may change the life of the R/C Model Li-Po batteries could be batteries. Most of the times, the cause is most likely cells overheat that are in the battery centers. These happen when you charge quickly and the surrounding cells are heated. Since the batteries are in battery’s center, and are damaged permanently cannot have proper.

It actually recommended having the R/C Lip batteries charge using a low charge current. The smartphone batteries are not able to allocate from the RC batteries. The batteries have a lot smaller and have a heating problem is not like the R/C Model battery. Also, the technology of the battery has changed and your battery cells cannot be broken easily if they happen to overheat. But we are a bit skeptical about this.

This is because the batteries charge overheating may be avoided if it is cool. The battery of your Samsung Galaxy and also the battery of other device are integrated in housing and have heat dissipation; the battery is a bit insufficiently when being cooled when you charge.

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