Emergency Alerts On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8 Plus

Did you know that Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus come with many other alerts than the ones you set or enable with your third-party apps? For instance, Samsung’s latest flagships have no less than 4 different Emergency Alerts, designed to warn users about some terrible events.

You have the AMBER alerts, the Severe, the Extreme, and the Presidential Alert. All active by default, all endowed with absolutely terrifying alert sounds, specifically designed to let you know that something serious is going on and that you need to take action immediately, for your own protection.

Some users were unfortunate enough to learn about these alerts after one of them was triggered by mistake. If you don’t want to get there and get really scared or if you don’t assume that the Homeland Security, the National Weather Service, the FCC, the FEMA, any local or state safety agencies or any government officials will ever have something important to communicate to you, you can proceed to dismissing all these alerts. All except for the Presidential one, which cannot be canceled.

Just bear in mind that the above-mentioned institutions weren’t mentioned for the sake of the conversation. All big carriers have this Emergency Alerts service in collaboration with the most important institutions in the country. As small as the possibility to deal with it would be, you can never completely rule out the chance of needing such an alert.

Long story short, you are disabling it on your own risk. If you find these alerts too annoying and rely on the fact that when something truly serious will happen you will get the chance to find out from your friends and family, you can proceed to turn them off. Bear in mind that the steps from below are the same steps you need to take if you will ever again want to turn these alerts on:

  1. Go to the Messages app;
  2. Access its Settings;
  3. Tap on Emergency Alerts;
  4. Uncheck the boxes of the alerts you no longer wish to receive.


The process is rather intuitive and the option itself is easy to access from your Messages app. If something doesn’t feel quite right or you’re having issues with putting these instructions into practice on Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, just give us a sign.


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