Enable Developer Options on Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ – User Manual

The name is pretty suggestive – the Developer Options, whether on Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus, or any other device, should be accessed by a developer. Or, in any case, by an expert user. If you’re not the most tech-savvy user out there, accessing it will rather confuse you instead of giving you those fascinating options that developers crave for. That’s also the reason why Google decided to keep it hidden ever since the Android 4.2…

Now, you may not be a tech geek, but you have us on your side. With our knowledge and this detailed tutorial, the options of the Developer mode could actually make a bit more sense to you. To give you a clue of what has been hidden for you suffices to say that these Options include the USB Debugging mode, the Background process access, the Animations setting and many others.

You can probably see, by now, how some of the actions could significantly improve the productivity of your smartphone. The animations restriction, for instance, will certainly improve performance. And the USB Debugging will let you move files from the smartphone to the computer or the other way around. It’s not like you risk breaking things if you start testing these options while being clueless on what they do, but they’re just not recommended for the plain user.

Now, because these options can be activated and deactivated just as easily – provided you know the exact steps – and because the settings will return to the defaults, it can’t hurt that you give it a try as well. Of course, we recommend you that you read a bit more about the Developer Options before you jump into action. Start from our article, pay attention, and make sure you’re following these exact steps on your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus. That way, you should make it to the end of the tutorial with success.


The most important two things – activation and deactivation

The menu is hidden, so you will have to be very precise when unlocking it. At the same time, when you’ve finished playing around, you need to leave the settings mode. In this initial section, we will show you:


How to access the Developer Options on Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus:

  1. Go to the Settings menu of the device;
  2. Scroll down until you reach the About Phone entry and tap on it;
  3. Identify the Software Info and select it;
  4. Look for the Built Number entry, listed towards the bottom of the new window;
  5. Tap on the Build Number for seven times in a row – a confirmation message should show up as soon as you do that;
  6. Now you can return to the Settings general menu;
  7. The Developer Options will be listed in there.


How to leave the Developer Options on Galaxy S8/S8+ Plus:

  1. Return to the Settings menu;
  2. Find the Applications section;
  3. Select it and tap on the Settings option listed underneath it;
  4. Hit the Clear Data option.


Now that you know how to get in and how to erase the traces, let’s linger a little longer on the most useful tips and tricks.


How to enable the USB Debugging Mode:

  1. To start enabling easy transfer files via USB, go to Settings;
  2. Tap on Developer Options;
  3. Select the USB Debugging option to check it and activate it;
  4. Confirm the action when prompted.


At this point, you’re ready to use this popular option and you can easily enable or disable it anytime you want. Of course, your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus can have many other advantages…


How to use the Custom Animations:

  1. Under the Developer Options menu, look for the following options:
    • Windows Animation Scale;
    • Transition Animation Scale;
    • Animator Duration Scale;
  2. For each of them, set the values to 0.5 – you can try other values as well, but we recommend you stick to this one.


You should notice that the performances of the smartphone will improve and the battery will last longer. The fewer animations it has to deal with, the better the device will function.


How to set the Background Process limit:

  1. The Developer Options menu will also list an entry labeled as “Background process limit”;
  2. Tap on it;
  3. In the newly opened window, select the option “At most 4 processes”.


That’s how you limit the number of processes that can simultaneously run in the background. You’re saving more RAM and ease the work of the processor, which means, once again, that your Samsung Galaxy S8 or Samsung Galaxy S8+ Plus will work faster. What else could you wish for?


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